Friday, March 8, 2013

Wrangler National FInals Rodeo 2015, Las Vegas - Date provided by 1-888-NFR-RODEO

The 2015 NFR will be held in Vegas and stay there for 10 more years...ticketing for the 2015 NFR  (December 3rd to the 12th) will be available at this link starting Dec. 14th, 2014 LINK: states 1-888-NFR-RODEO (1-888-637-7633)who acquired the information from the Pro Rodeo' main office.
Previous article from January 10,2014:
For 2 years now there has been talk of Jerry Jones (NFL Cowboys Owner) trying to pull the NFR Rodeo out of Vegas and move it to his 1.2 billion dollar stadium. Actually the NFR started in Dallas in 1959 and was there for 3 years. However this is a huge stadium. Will NFR fans be willing to attend the event sitting 50 yards away from the action?  Can vegas afford to let the NFR go. The event pulls in millions of dollars of gambling/food/hotel revenue for Vegas. The Pro Rodeo says the NFR is here to stay and they do not see it going outside of Vegas ever. But all options are still on the table.  Vegas has created many spinoff events surrounding the NFR and fans love to see Vegas and gamble during their downtime each day.  The downside of Vegas is Thomas and Mack, it is showing its age and has a capacity of only 17,000 for each day of the NFR. The demand for tickets/seats by far exceeds the seating capacity in the venue. People do however have access to tickets on the secondary market and are able to get into the event, but do pay a premium above the face value. This has been the case for over 20 years with the NFR in Vegas. We will soon see what happens. Two more years are guaranteed and let see if Vegas, Thomas and Mack, the PRCA and Las Vegas Events can strike up another 2 decade deal.